Machinery, equipment and facilities

Paper and cardboard formatting machine

It is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria and is one of the most modern products in this field of activity. It can format equally well one roll and 4 pieces at a time. Depending on the type of paper or cardboard, the machine can maintain an operating speed of up to 300 meters per minute. The machine allows for very fast readjustment from one type of material to another, regardless of whether you switch from paper to cardboard or vice versa. The electronic equipment of the machine allows the manufactured products to be of precise dimensions, which is a basic requirement of the companies working in the printing publishing industry.
It can technically format from 25 g / m2 paper to 500 g / m2 cardboard.

Technical characteristics of the machine are:

  • Working width – 1400 mm.
  • Internal diameter of the rolls of 76 mm-150 mm and 300 mm.
  • The machine allows to be worked normally and with 1500 mm., and on the last section there is a possibility to process 2000 mm.
  • The practical working speed is up to 300 m / minute.
  • The maximum size of the manufactured sheets is up to 1600 mm.
  • The minimum size of the manufactured sheets is 297 mm.
  • The machine is fit with equipment that allows the production of two pallets at once.
  • The building berth of the machine allows the production of a pallet weighing up to 2000 kg.

Paper and cardboard winding machine

The working width of the winding machine is 1050 mm. Processes equally well cardboards of 30 g / m2-500 g / m2 and polyethylene. The productivity of the machine is 3-7 tons per shift. It is equipped with a tension control system that further optimizes its operation. Mainly this machine prepares gray cardboard in different widths for the production of toilet paper spools.

Humidification installation

Its role is to maintain a constant humidity in the workshop where the paper and cardboard are processed, which is required by the technological process of manufacturing, as well as to secure higher quality of finished products.

Vertical foiling machine and strapping machine

These two machines are needed for packaging the finished product, easier and safer transportation to customers, acquiring of a complete commercial appearance of the products and higher efficiency.

Bookbinding knives

They are used to obtain standard and non-standard smaller formats depending on customer requirements. In this way the production process is optimized, the assortment of the offered products is increased.


Compressor station

It is necessary for the operation of the formatting and winding machines.

Baling press