About us


The mission of Mihailov Commerce Ltd. is to ensure the market success of our customers through the high quality of our products and services. Mihailov Commerce Ltd. is a company managed by highly qualified and experienced specialists. The company is defined as one of the leaders in the country in this field of activity, which has been working for years to achieve sustainable economic growth and develop its potential for competitive and efficient production. “Mihailov Commerce” Ltd. was established in 2002 in Plovdiv. The main activity of the company is the production and sale of all kinds of paper and cardboard products. The company formats and winds all types of paper and cardboard needed for printing blanks, labels, notebooks, forms, magazines, packaging and boxes in different sizes, which are also of various designs. The company works with its long-term partners and numerous loyal customers. The necessary quantities of paper and cardboard in the appropriate format and weight can be found in the warehouses of the enterprise. We have our own warehouse and production base with an area of ​​7,851 m2.

Business goals of the company

Our business strategy is based on the need to provide quality products to our customers, and in the process we fully strive to meet their needs. This is realized through the application of standards for high quality control and production of quality end products to serve our customers.

Our values

We are committed to what we do. Our activities are managed and undertaken ethically, transparently and to the advantage of all interested parties. We strive to provide products of uncompromising quality to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Responsibility – for the success of our customers and for our good name;
  • Competitiveness – by maintaining our market stability to ensure that of our customers;
  • Efficiency – achieving financial results thanks to the quality and speed of the offered products and services, and not at the expense of our customers;
  • Commitment – the successes of our clients are also our successes;
  • Loyalty – we protect the interests and reputation of our suppliers and customers;
  • Confidentiality – our partners’ trade secrets are also our secrets.