Georgi Mikhailov
  Manager Owner and manager of Mikhailov Commerce Ltd. since its establishment in 2002! With over 30 years of professional experience in the field of paper, cardboard and their formatting and winding.
Ilonka Nankinova
Chief Accountant Employee with many years of experience in the field of finance and accounting. Highly qualified professional, loyal and dedicated to her work. She has been working for Mikhailov Commerce Ltd. since its establishment.
Pavlina Staykova
Logistics specialist Responsible for logistics and shipping of goods in rented warehouses. Highly qualified specialist dedicated and devoted to creating long-term relationships with our customers. The experience in this position is over 10 years.
Tony Koycheva
Warehouse manager Responsible and precise employee in charge of the stock availability, accepting and delivery of goods owned by both Mikhailov Commerce Ltd. and rental customers. The experience in the position is over 5 years.